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NEEHU6: Part 2- The Wrath of Uncon

NEEHU6: Part Two: The Wrath of Uncon




Ethics, Schmethics

We drove out from near Manchester, New Hampshire to Hartford in what felt like record time. I had a class that I was co-teaching with Mephki, founder and commander of the NEEHU Empire, but I may have misread the schedule (and by “may have” I mean, I did) so we wound up arriving well in advance of the class.

It was good to be back in the Society.

The playground was pretty much how I remembered it. The main difference seemed to be that, instead of the pale undecorated walls there had been last year, the walls had been painted red and orange, and it gave it a bit of pleasant, sultry ambience. But in any event, the feeling that surrounded me as I entered was the feeling that I was coming home; I saw so many people I had spent time with last year and at the various –ehus as I walked in. I felt immediately comfortable and in my own element. It was fantastic and heartwarming.

Being early at least allowed me to attend a class on “Overcoming Resistance,” which was a fun demo class taught by the erudite LeadPrism and the clever and gorgeous SashasTrance. Largely they focused on when the subjects “pretend” to resist, and ways to circumvent or have fun with that kind of resistance play. Part of it was to feed into the fantasy so many of us share of having our will overcome by a skilled hypnotist. Some of it is (and I think I’m actually giving away secrets, so my Subjects Card may get revoked) that we subjects like the attention hypnotists give us, and resisting means that the hypnotist will be paying that much more attention to us. It’s a little bit like the “brat” paradigm in some BDSM relationships.

[The “brat” paradigm occurs where certain submissives will “act up”– perhaps by deliberately disobeying a command, perhaps just by deliberately making the dominant work harder for something, or perhaps by something else—in order to get punished by the dominant. Essentially, the brat is goading the dominant. Some people love the dynamic, because it injects a certain level of fun and change into the relationship. On the other hand, some people can’t stand it, in part because on a certain level, the power exchange originates with the brat—the brat acts out to initiate the punishment, the punishment isn’t devised at the behest or whim of the dominant.]

In any event, resistance play can be a tool by subjects to draw more attention from the hypnotist. Other times it can serve as a tool for a role-play scene. LeadPrism and SashasTrance enjoy doing interrogation scenes, particularly mad scientist scenes. So practicing and playing with “resistance” is central to that kind of play.

The demos were fun and hot, and the questions and discussions were likewise on point and informative. I felt like the weekend was already off to a great start.

Right after that was the first of three classes that I was helping to present that day.

The first class of the day for me was “Intro to NEEHU 101.” For this class, Mephki and I went over the history of NEEHU and gave first-timers an overview of what to expect from the weekend and how to get the most out of their experiences. Part of the point of the class is also to emphasize the need for all the participants to take care of themselves. We try to remind them to get enough sleep, drink plenty of fluids, and watch themselves if or when they might suffer from “con drop” after the weekend. We also reinforced general ethical criteria, emphasizing the need for consent from subjects and hypnotists alike. We answered questions and led a general discussion. I was very gratified that people seemed engaged and enthusiastic about the event and the outline that Mephki and I provided.

The second class for me was Hypnotic Amnesia with LeeAllure. This was a repeat of a class we had done at MEEHU and WEEHU, and is based on the book the two of us have been working on. I’d like to say I can remember most of it, but I, frankly and not at all ironically, have dim recollections of what we did. (It worked!) I know we spoke about some of the techniques we used, as well as demonstrating a few of the games we’ve played with amnesia.

I’m pretty sure she had me demonstrate our “special water” game. This is a variant on the Merovingian scene from the Matrix: Reloaded, where a chocolate is given to a woman which produces an orgasmic effect on the woman who immediately forgets about it. For my part, Lee has given me a post-hypnotic trigger that, when she calls whatever I’m drinking the “Special Water,” I have a feeling of an orgasm with every sip…. And then I forget that I had the orgasm. The lingering effect, however, is that I feel thirsty… which of course makes me drink more water. I am told that it can be very entertaining to watch. People again seemed engaged and fascinated by the overall topic.

The third class was the Ethics Roundtable, which was billed as a panel discussion with HypnoMaestro, Sleepingirl and myself. I say that we were billed as a panel discussion because there was apparently some miscommunication wherein HypnoMaestro was under the impression that he was the moderator of the discussion. This turned out to be fine, just not what I expected. In any event, the class had a robust and frank exchange of views, with HypnoMaestro giving what he described as the “State of the Union of Hypnotic Ethics for NEEHU.” He recounted a progression from the first time ethics was discussed at NEEHU where the central question was actually “Do we need ethics?” to today, where-by the end of the class- the question seemed to be “What Sort of Ethics Should We Have?” Which leads me to the following tangent, which might be boring to some of you, so please feel free to skip ahead where there will be some sexy bits.

Tangent: Pynchon Pontificates on Hypno-Ethics…. Again.

One of the suggestions I made at the class was that the –ehu’s should individually impose as close to a mandatory orientation/ethics class for new attendees as reasonably possible.

What surprised me more than any other thing I witnessed was that several people were adamant that this was a bad idea. Why? The only reason I heard (or remember being given) was that it was because people don’t learn when it’s mandatory.

Let me state for the record (he said, pounding on the podium) that I think it’s a terrible, terrible idea not to have “mandatory” ethics/orientation classes.

[I put “mandatory” in quotes because a small, privately-operated convention would simply not have the resources to investigate whether someone was attending an –ehu for the first time. Therefore, there would really be no way to strictly enforce a “mandatory” ethics/orientation class requirement. So when I say “mandatory,” what I mean to say is that the –ehu has a statement that says something to the effect of “New attendees are strongly encouraged to attend this class for their own safety, knowledge and enjoyment.”]

If, in fact, it is the case that a clueless hypnotist or subject can cause damage whether through neglect or ignorance, then it seems a no-brainer (if you’ll pardon the pun) to have such a mandatory class. I’m led to believe that every state in the US (and most countries around the world) requires people to attend classes before earning a driver’s license. Is the idea that such classes are boring a reason to jettison the notion of requiring such classes?

To the retort that “such classes create the illusion of safety, which cannot be guaranteed” (which I have heard as a partial justification for not having such classes) I would counter that driver’s-ed classes are likewise no “guarantee” of safety, yet few would deny that, on balance, the existence of such classes makes the world and the highways safer.

And finally, to the retort that “mandatory classes are boring,” I suppose that just makes it a challenge to those who would teach it to make it more interesting and fascinating to the class. As I pointed out in the discussion, my “Subjects 102” class is really 2/3 about ethics and setting boundaries. It’s merely incumbent on discussion facilitators to be more enticing, and to fold ethics discussions into their standard classes.

I’d also point out that it’s not unheard of for kink-related organizations to require people to attend one or more munches and/or orientation classes before being allowed to attend play-parties, so there is a track-record of such requirements.

And with that, I get to hop down from my soap-box.

The rest of the discussion was, for me, really interesting, because it felt like everyone was taking the topic seriously, had strong views, and was respecting everyone else’s opinion. More importantly, it did not devolve into a shouting match, nor did I get the sense that anyone’s feelings were hurt. If only all of life’s important dilemmas could be conversed about so easily. The conversation continued onto Fetlife, and took on its own life (as one would imagine). Many conversations centered on the question of what ethics in hypnosis should look like, why or whether EH should have an ethical code separate and/or distinct from any other kink-related activity, and what enforcement should (or shouldn’t) look like.

Directly afterwards, a group of our friends had a meeting to discuss our “Consensual-Non-Consent (“CNC”)” game. The methodology behind the game was that anyone involved was given a gold or a red-colored necklace. The red-color meant that you were a “bottom,” while the gold meant you were a top. (Switches would wear both necklaces.) Each of us wrote down our limits on a post-it we stuck to the back of our name-tag. Otherwise, anyone with a red necklace could do anything to a person with a gold necklace as long as each was wearing the necklace (and within the parameters of the limits). This essentially meant that there were shenanigans throughout the weekend with our extended troupe of marauders.

After that class, and our little meeting, I admit, I was a little beat. We made our way back to the hotel where HYS, Lee’s slave, had put our luggage away. We rested for a bit, got changed and then headed back to the Society for play-time.

The first order of business once we got back was for me to find WildNutmeg and tackle her…. Wait. No. Actually, it was to bring her into the back room, where we had volunteered to help out with dual inductions. Wiseguy and Mrs. Wiseguy were the ostensible coordinators, but I gather from his blog that Mrs. Wiseguy was busy all day and the two of them did not reach the Society until quite late, so Nutmeg and I were on our own at first.

We did a couple of inductions, including a beautiful one with Unidragon in which we had her envisioning herself flying and soaring into the air and into a trance and in an out of several hypnotic orgasms. It was great to see how Nutmeg and I worked together doing something that we hadn’t actually practiced. We had established an incredible rapport at Deep Mind Dark Wood (for reasons which I’m working on explaining in a separate blog) and it was wonderful to see that rapport continue. We fell into sync very easily. We did a few more, and then Lee volunteered to sit between us.

We did our darndest to take her into a trance. But apparently at some point I happened on the phrase “it’s such a good feeling.” It turns out that when I happen on a phrase I like, I repeat it. Which was unfortunate, because Lee flashed back to Mister Rogers singing “It’s a good feeling,” which was decidedly unsexy.

Nevertheless, Lee forgave me, because she immediately turned the tables on us, and did a very quick double trance on Nutmeg and I. I…actually don’t remember everything she told us. Shortly thereafter, she was off to do a scheduled group trance and Nutmeg was asked by Wiseguy to do some dual trances with him and Mrs. Wiseguy.

Before too long, it was time for Lee and I to do a demo. We had decided on a hypno-interrogation scene, much like the one she and I had done at MEEHU. This time Nutmeg was invited to join us. Nutmeg and I conferred, and chose a “secret code,” which is what Lee would attempt to get out of us. We decided on the first 6 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8. Where I had the first three numbers (1,1,2) and Nutmeg got the last three (3,5,8). Almost immediately I realized my mistake: Nutmeg, having the second group, would almost certainly wait for me to break, before she did. So I wouldn’t have the joy of watching her break first.

Lee went after us using a variety of hypnotic, NLP, and other techniques. It should be noted that I can be a little mouthy in these situations. So I might say things like, “If I confess will you stop boring us?” “You really are a bitch, aren’t you?”, and the classic, “Fuck off!” There was slapping, some hair pulling, and one point where she stood on my thigh in her high heel shoes. Surprisingly, this did not lead to a bruise. (This will be important later.)

She played us off against each other beautifully, playing to our sympathies for each other (Though when Lee told Nutmeg she’d torture me in front of her, Nutmeg offered to help a little too eagerly, thank you very much.). She also “injected” us with a drug that made us susceptible and suggestible. She played on our rapport, telling us that each would feel what the other was feeling, as she pressed down on the place on my thigh where her heel had been.

Between the language, the physicality and the atmosphere, I was definitely soon in the mind space that I would give her what she wanted. I tried to hide breaking, by telling her that it was “First a matter of telling the truth, First a matter of not lying, and Second something to pay attention to.” But before long I told her. And then Nutmeg “broke,” as well. The shame of it was that Lee (like me) does not have a “loud” voice. And much of the interrogation was more intense than boisterous, so a lot of our scene was lost on the people watching it. Nevertheless, we had a great time.

The three of us retired to the “pillow fort” built in the corner of the play room. We laid about and talked about the scene. After a while, Lee lured us into yet another trance, playing once again on our rapport. She made the pleasure of the trance I was feeling reverberate off of Nutmeg, which reverberated off of me, and so forth, until pretty soon, the two of us were a bit of a writhing display on either side of Lee. Lee also may have used her rather fetching spiral-ish-threaded stockings as the basis for a trance, but there’s a certain point at which things got a little blurry.

Lee got up for a while, and Fleur sat down. Fleur wants to note that I did, in fact “drag her to the pillow fort by her hair.” In my defense <cough, cough> I don’t recall any actual “dragging.” But it’s entirely possible I was in such a fantastic top space that some entirely hot and consensual “dragging” may have occurred. Some people just like being treated like a puppet… Or a poppet. I had worked with Fleur a little bit before, and I had an idea. So, with their permission, I put both Fluer and Nutmeg in a trance at the same time, and gave them both the same post-hypnotic suggestion, which was loosely based on a video series called “Hysterical Literature.” Go ahead, look it up on Youtube, I’ll still be here when you’re done.

In those videos, a woman sits at a desk, fully clothed, and reads from a book. As she does so, someone underneath applies a vibrator to her and builds her to an orgasm, as the woman attempts to keep her composure for as long as possible.

In my variant, I gave the Fleur and Nutmeg the post-hypnotic suggestion that anytime I read something to them, they would feel the words I was saying on their private parts, as if the very consonants and vowels were-ahem- strumming over them.

Shortly thereafter, I tested it by reading one of the stories I had published on Tumblr to Fleur. It was a major success. She held herself up against a wall as I, very simply, read the story to her. A few minutes later, I tried the same thing with Nutmeg. Once again, it worked. There’s a fantastic feeling in having someone literally writhing. On. Your. Every. Word.

In the middle of this, ZanyM came by and watched the scenes. I explained in detail what was happening with Fleur and Nutmeg. She was in a bit of a suggestible state, and as I set the scene, I saw that brief enchanting flutter of the eyes that indicate that the brain is accepting new commands. Before long she leaned into me, and I started reading to her… and it worked on her. It’s one of the beauties of fractionation that one can find ones’ self in such a suggestible state. I read her the same story, all the way through, and watched admiringly as she felt every single word. I was so pleased with the moment; that the evening had coalesced in three scenes, each filled with incomparable magic and beauty. I am still so speechless with how wonderfully ZanyM captured the moment from her perspective in her blog.

Sometime after this, Lee, HYS, Lee’s puppet, and I went to dinner. We wound up at our shared hotel room and chatted with ZanyM for a little while. ZanyM was gracious enough to do some of her lovely body work on me, which I greatly appreciated and left me in good stead to be energized and well for the rest of the weekend.

ZanyM’s partner, DrDream, came by, and we all gossiped and discussed our general plans for the weekend.

Shortly afterwards, exhausted after a long, long day of excitement, intrigue, and fun, we collapsed into our beds.

NEXT TIME: Class! Another Class! Yet another class!! Fun classes! All the classes!!! The future of –EHUs!!! Hypno-oh-Oh-OH! Pynchon is approached! Pynchon is approachable?? Dinner!

MEEHU, A Personal Trip Report, Part 4, Friday Night

I Know Things Now


Scenester Stories.

We found our way back to the hotel and made it just before dinner. Dinner, served by the Unconference, was a selection of some of Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizzas. Now, I’m a fan of thick crust, but must admit that the soup-in-a-bowl nature of the deep dish pizzas was not to my taste.

Nevertheless, it was fantastic catching up with some of my old (you know, “old,” as in, from four months prior) friends over dinner, including Mephki, Marc Cabot, SweetGasp, and others. It was also wonderful to finally meet some of the people I had only known through Hypbook. The atmosphere was, for me, so comfortable and friendly.

I got dressed and joined LeeAllure and, well, everyone, really, in a slightly cramped room for a hypnosis stage show. I walked in just before the show was to start so I wound up sitting on the floor in the corner.

The show was a “classic” hypnosis show. For those of you who don’t know what that means, here you go: Usually, a hypnosis show starts out with the hypnotist/performer discussing the pluses and minuses of hypnosis, what it is and what it isn’t (this portion of the performance was somewhat curtailed for the obvious reasons). Then the hypnotist runs people through various “suggestibility” tests. This usually takes the form of the hypnotist telling the audience to imagine that their hand is attached to balloons, which lift their arm up. If your arm actually moves and levitates (which happens for far more people than you might at first imagine, even if you’re not at a hypnosis conference), then you’re probably fairly suggestible.

The hypnotist will bring volunteers up and perform relatively quick inductions on each person. Then the hypnotist will have the volunteers run through various scenarios. This could be having various subjects believe that another subject smells funny. It could be that the hypnotist tells you you’re singing karaoke, or that the person next to you is extremely attractive or smells weird, or that you’re from the planet “macho” and that you’re going to show just how incredibly manly you are while the Village People’s “Macho Man” plays over the sound system. It can be incredibly cheesy and/or incredibly funny, largely depending on the quality of the volunteers and/or the hypnotist. For a really good fictional account of a hypnosis show, (and a pretty good primer on hypnosis in general) check you this story: http://www.mcstories.com/BusmansHoliday/index.html

The usual question after a show like this is whether the people were “really” hypnotized and/or were “made” to act in such ways: were they made to do things they normally wouldn’t do? The way I’ve always thought of it is that a hypnosis show is somewhat self-selecting: people go into the room because they’re curious. People volunteer to be on stage knowing they’re going to be the center of attention. People who are up there are either unafraid naturally, natural show-offs, or looking for an excuse to “show off” or “come out of their shell.”

After the show, Lee and I retired to my room to do a scene that we had set up beforehand. She had said that one thing that she enjoyed doing was slapping people into a trance. No, really. But, really. And after our experience at NEEHU where she had slapped me across the face a couple of times, (http://wp.me/p4vV5a-l) I was actually kind of intrigued by this concept and asked to experience it.

So Lee and I sat on a couch facing each other. First, she had me do something entirely unexpected; she told me to slap her. This was problematic for all sorts of reasons. Culturally, men are (or, at least, I am) indoctrinated against hitting women. Or a woman. Or any woman. I had never done it, not even in jest. And she wanted me to do it, several times. After making sure it was ok with her, and having Lee walk me through the process I… did it. Several times. There was one slap that was errant, and she said I had caused a slight ringing in her ears. But for the most part, I guess I slapped her…. Well?

It was a very, very, strange experience for me. But then she looked at me and said it was her turn. For the briefest of moments I thought to say, “No thanks; I won the bet. I slapped a sadist. Thanks for the $100 victory.” But then I thought I valued my continued existence on this earth, and decided to endure my turn.

Lee looked me in the eyes, and measured the distance from her hand to my cheek, and began slapping me. The first time was like the shock to my system when she slapped me at NEEHU. Even though I knew it was coming, there was something so visceral about it actually happening that shocked my system. She slapped me, several times, all the time making sure that my face was directed towards her, looking me in the eyes and putting me into a kind of trance. She noted how dilated my eyes were, and was enjoying, it seemed, the power trip.

For a while (and by a while, I mean that it “felt” like thirty minutes, but it was only like about three minutes) it put me into a kind of “sub space.” I felt myself entirely in Lee’s control in a very real way. There was a flush of release as she was slapping me, and I felt floaty and in something approaching a trance-state. She alternated cheeks and varied the amount of force she was using; she obviously did not want to cause bruising.

At some point, however, something very interesting happened; some part of me, whichever part of me isn’t submissive, woke up.

Something in me clicked into place, and all of a sudden, I had to stop myself from slapping Lee back. Lee laughed. “You just switched, didn’t you?” And I smiled back. I could feel a malicious, defiant look in my eye.

She kept slapping few more times, however, just to see what would happen. How I didn’t slap back, I’ll never really know, but shortly after that… it wrapped. It was my very first BDSM “scene.” I wouldn’t say I was as impacted (so to speak) as when Lee unexpectedly slapped me at NEEHU, but it was rather brilliant and wonderful nevertheless. I felt unexpectedly energized. It felt like several different parts of me (whether that was my “top” and “bottom” part of me, I don’t know) had had a work out. I felt “balanced,” for lack of a better word. In short, Ten out of ten, would do it again.

After the weekend, I described the scene to Mrs. Pynchon (and note, I had actually told her ahead of time that I was thinking of dabbling in physical BDSM-type activities). As I told her about the slapping, a look came over her face.

I asked her if something was troubling her about the scene.

She said, “I don’t like it.”

And I felt a moment of panic– had I gone too far? She’d listened as I read her every word of this blog before I published, and was so extremely supportive of everything, but sometimes the actual reality of it can be more troubling than the possibility.

She noticed the concerned look on my face, and said, “No, no. Look, I don’t get it. But I wouldn’t get it if you were into NASCAR.”

I blinked. “NASCAR??”

“Yeah, you know, all those cars going round and round in circles for hours. I’d have more serious problems if you were into that; I wouldn’t understand it at all. But this… I don’t get it. But…whatever. You’re having fun.” And she shrugged.

Lee and I went down to the pool, where the pool water felt really good on my face.

We ran into Em, Seb, and the super-cool and super-tiny Fay and they joined us. I caught up with Mephki some, which was nice.

After the pool, Lee and I went back up for a second scene we had discussed trying, a hypno-interrogation scene.

We hadn’t really worked out all the details. Essentially, although Lee isn’t big on role-play, we decided on having me play a spy with a secret code stuck in my head. Her job was to get the code out of it.

We enlisted the lovely and reliable Tesdenic in the crucial job of holding the slip of paper with the code, to determine if I was lying.

We went to the “red room,” which was the room set aside for BDSM activities. I don’t think we expected to do anything serious—certainly I didn’t—but the other rooms were for much more quiet play. In one corner a couple was engaging in fairly strong impact play, in another corner, one person was slowly tying another up with rope. We went to the third corner, on the other side from the doorway, where there was a chair.

She had me sit down and “tied” my hands behind me and we began.

We quickly established that I was an American spy, and that she was a “Commie Russian Bitch” as I soon described her. (What!? I was in character.)

She tried to grab my attention for a trance, but I resisted. I talked a good game, telling her that I’d rather die than give her the code.

“Soon you will be only too happy to give me the code.”

I resisted looking her in the eyes. She grabbed the shiny pendulum hanging from her neck and tried to pass that in front of my eyes. I looked away.

She grabbed my face (still slightly sore from the slapping) and held me so that I was forced to keep eye contact with her.

And here…. Here is where I lost character for a minute.

You see…. In character, as a spy being held so that I was facing my assailant head-on, this is where I would have spat at her. But… you see, we hadn’t talked about the boundaries of our scene. I also realized that if I had spat at her, we’d be escalating the scene very quickly. And I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that.

Despite my hiccup, we continued the scene.

She pinched me, and said, “That was a special version of Scopolamine. You know what that is, don’t you?” Scopolamine is a drug made from nightshade that is reputed to have hypnotic and amnesiac effects on the user. It was the basis for a fun zombie episode of “Castle” and was a trigger we had used in our sessions for our book project. “But this is a special version of the drug, keyed to your DNA, so it’s even more effective. It will make you very suggestible very quickly.”

I may have used various epithets at this point.

She picked up my cell phone, which had dropped down on the floor in my “struggles.” She flipped through the photos and found one of my dogs. “This dog looks happy. I’d hate it if anything happened to it. Something bad could happen to this dog unless you tell me the code.”

I retorted, “Are you kidding? That one pees everywhere in my house. You’d be doing me a favor. I’ll give you one of the digits of the code if you get rid of him.”

After a while, however the “special Scopolamine” began to “work.” She slowly put me under, all the while I “resisted.” She told me that any lie would cause me pain, and that any time I told the truth I would feel pleasure.

Over the course of the next few minutes, I finally gave her the code: A24601. (I know, I know).

She went over to Tes, who confirmed the code, and came back. Telling me that she may have more tasks for me, that I was to be placed back in my house with no memory of the interrogation.

And then she brought me up, and we finished the scene. I must admit I was exhausted. I had been “in character” for about thirty to forty-five minutes. And although I was in a trance, I was trying to react as if I were someone else and not “me,” if that makes sense. It was fun to step out of myself, but I also understood why people—like Lee—aren’t so fond of “role play”; there is something less “real” about it. It was still incredibly fun, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I cannot tell you how many people told me that night and later in the weekend that they had poked their head into the room, and were really interested in knowing what was going on with us, but couldn’t because we were on the other side of the room.

After this, we retired to the “Rainbow Room” which was filled with various colored and flashing lights. Among the dood-dads was an LED internally lit egg. For example, like this: http://www.brookstone.com/color-changing-waterproof-led-light-genesis-egg (cheaper ones are out there, but that link has a video (caution: may induce hypnosis)).

We met up with Seb, Emiliana, Tesdenic, and the incredibly tiny Fay in the room.
Seb had, at some point, hypnotized Fay into being thoroughly entranced by the egg when it was in her hands. He was playing with her by alternately placing the egg in and taking it out of her hands, sending her down and then bringing her right back up. She was a human yo-yo, and it was quite a sight to see her ride the roller coaster into and out of trance.

We took turns suggesting things Seb could do to and with Fay while she was under. Finally, Seb groaned and said, “Look, maybe you don’t understand. All those things sound like really hard work. I’m the world’s laziest hypnotist.”

Lee was holding a larger bouncing ball with an internal flashing light.

She said, “You think you’re lazy? Here. DJ?”

I started. “Uh… yes?”

“Be like Fay.” And she tossed the ball right into my hands.

… and I was out. And then she took the ball out of my hands… and put it back in them. And now I was riding the hypno-roller-coaster up and down.

It was both strange and oddly fun to be the center of attention like that, with people watching as Fay and I were put through our paces. (This is all foreshadowing for the next blog, by the way.)

In between trances, it was great “debriefing” with Emiliana and getting her reactions to the events and people of the day. Her blog (http://emilianadarling.wordpress.com) is fascinating, because, while I’ve been a hypno-aficionado, she had almost no frame of reference whatsoever for her experiences.

Somewhere in there, fractionated and a little wobbly, I crept back to my room to sleep. I had covered so much ground, literally and figuratively, (in fact, as I’m recounting these events, I feel almost like I’m just reporting and not really processing or analyzing, but I want to make sure I hit all the fun events). Regardless, I was excited to see where Saturday would take me.

NEXT TIME: Classes! Politeness Wars! Switch Fight! Hypno-Egg Toss! Worst! Induction! EVER!