About D.J. Pynchon

Writings and thoughts on my adventures into the world of hypnosis, as well as other occasional thoughts.

Most of my writings are not safe for work.

You can find me as Pynchon over on Hypbook, and as HerderofCats over on Fetlife. I’m also @djpynchon over on Twitter.

Feel free to friend me, or e-mail me, in any of these places.

2 thoughts on “About D.J. Pynchon

    1. Oh dear. It’s been far too long since I’ve been on this blog. Hello! Yes- still married, and happily so. First, although there is an erotic element to the events, one can attend them without needing to engage in any or all explicit sexual activities (or even the implicit ones). Second, to the extent I do engage in such activities, my spouse is extremely supportive and I tell her most of what I get up to. (There are some things I don’t- but that’s more because… like, if you had a friend who was needle-phobic, you wouldn’t brag to them about a medical/needle-play scene you had just done.)
      To her- since she is very vanilla, she feels it’s a way for me to get to do things I simply can’t do with her. And I come home refreshed and “clean” and happier. Hope that answers your question (from so long ago).

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