Intensive Care

(Fem-dom, male-sub, CBT, CEI-ish, bondage, food, forced orgasm(?), off-screen negotiation, NSFW)

        We had wandered back from the sex shop in the rain and settled in for the lazy Saturday afternoon. She looked at me, and smiled. 

            “You ready?”

            “Oh yes,” I replied without hesitation.

            “Then take off your clothes.”

            “Yes, miss.”

            “I do like it when you’re so formal.” We kissed, briefly, as I removed my clothes.

As I got naked, I enjoyed the feeling of the stillness of the air on my skin as outside the rains swept the neighborhood.

            She came up to me and trailed a finger down to just above my crotch, and then up to the middle of my chest, before pushing me onto the bed with the lightest of touches. She pointed to the pillow at the head of the bed, as she turned and reached into the cabinet. 

            I got myself comfortable with a slightly more nervous “yes, miss.”

            She turned halfway and shot me a reassuring smile. 

            I couldn’t believe this was happening. 

            She placed the bag with the equipment on the bed, and reached back into the cabinet to pull out some purple rope. 

            “Do you want to have your legs together, or spread eagle?” I thought I caught a lascivious look as her gaze lingered between my legs while she asked the question. 

            “Let’s go spread-eagle, for easier access??… if that’s ok with you, miss?”

            “Good boy.” She grabbed an ankle and proceeded to tie it to something under the bed. 

            “These hooks were such a good investment.” She quickly grabbed my other ankle and tied that one down. Within just a few short minutes I was tied down completely. I’m sure I could have extricated myself, but I was somehow entirely disinclined to do so. 

            She tore into the cellophane wrapping on the box and took out the metal pieces inside. She took out some conductive gel and spread it up and down the shaft and tip of my cock. I half-expected to be erect in moments, but I remained a little flaccid. 

            The box contained two metal rings with a nub on each. She placed one at the base of my cock, and the other towards the tip. 

            Her ministrations had gotten me at least semi-hard. She cinched the rings as tight as she could, given the relative lack of hardness. 

            “My only concern is that, when you get hard, as I remember, you get pretty thick. So these are probably going to be a little tight.”

            She playfully flicked me.

            “But that’s probably a good thing,” she said with a laugh.

            She attached the wires to the plastic control device she had fished out of the cardboard box. She hummed a little as she fiddled with the wires, and absent-mindedly stroked my still-soft dick.

            “So there are several settings. There’s a steady setting, a random setting, and a wave setting, which pulses up and down the wires. Let’s experiment, shall we?”

            And with that I suddenly felt a tingling through my cock.

            Now, I have had experiences with TENS units for physical rehabilitation on my back, and so I knew by taste how it would feel on my skin. Or… at least I thought I did. You see, when those things were attached to my back there’s so much muscle and tissue to resist the charge. I don’t care how big one’s cock is—there’s just not that much resistance to be had down there. 

            As she fiddled with the device I felt prickles storm through my cock. 

            “Now that’s the constant setting….how is it feeling?”

            “So far so good, I-I g-guess.” 

            “I’m going to turn it up slowly, so you let me know when I should stop.”

            The sensations ramped up. I stared at the ceiling, concentrating. 

            Finally, after a short time, the prickles turned to pain, and not in a good way. 

            “OK. Ow! Stop! A little less than that, please?”

            “Here?” The tingling sensation stayed, and it was just on the edge of unbearable. Perfect.

            “That’s gotta be, what, 60 on the 100 point scale?”

            She snickered and showed me the dial.


            I blushed some more. 

            “Now let’s see what happens when I switch it to the ‘wave’ setting.”

             All of a sudden the sensations starting floating up and down my cock. 

I felt slightly disconnected from what was happening, as if I was being madeto feel turned on. I looked down, my dick was incredibly hard and looked obscene with the rings constricting its girth. 

“Awww. Look at that.” She said, as she slowly dragged her fingernails down the top of my cock. “So hard.” She reached my balls and ran her fingertip along the balls and the base. “I always love how soft and smooth you are here.” 

She bent down to lick as she stared up at me, holding my attention. 

I inhaled sharply. 

Just then, the doorbell rang. 

I jumped and pulled on the rope. She kept her face right by my cock. 

“Oh right. The delivery is here. You forgot we placed the order, didn’t you?”

I nodded, staring intently at the space between her mouth and the throbbing head. 

“Don’t want to keep them waiting.” She smiled and jumped out of bed, reaching for her robe. “Just a minute!” she shouted. 

She turned back and grabbed the device and removed part of it.

“I bet you didn’t know this had a remote, did you?”

I gulped and shook my head, as I felt the tingles recede and peak as she thumbed a dial, and then pressed a button. The sensations switched from a wave to a random series of pressures up and down my shaft. “Now, please… please… keep it down in here.” 

I nodded as she stuck the remote in the pocket of her robe, and closed the door behind her.

I could only hear indistinct voices as she chatted with the delivery person. Based on how the apartment was constructed, I knew they were only 5 feet away on the other side of a thick wall. 

The intensity went up and down randomly. My entire world became focused on what was happening between my legs. I could tell she was pressing buttons, as the attachments began sending pulses faster and faster with less and less intensity, and then suddenly with greater intensity. 

All I could hear was the device, the rain, and my own labored breathing.

She cleared her throat.

I hadn’t realized I had closed my eyes. 

She stood in the doorway to the room, her robe open slightly, just enough to tease at so much skin. She smiled and walked over to me.

“Oh… you poor dear.” She touched the tip of my cock. “You’re dripping.”

Sure enough, there was a stream of precum flowing from the tip of my cock pooling on my belly, and slowly sliding towards my sternum. She very slightly dipped a finger in the pool. I groaned. 

“That’s quite a lot, sweetie.” She held my eyes as she let a drop fall from her finger on to her tongue. Then she reached over and kissed me. I tasted salty and sweet. I may have groaned some more into her mouth. Before I could react, she broke away, leaned back down and drew her tongue around the head. 

I shook. 

She cradled my balls as she made eye contact. I couldn’t look away. 

She smiled. 


For what? I didn’t know. I didn’t care.

“Yes, miss.”


And all at once the machine was turned off. 

“Then we should definitely eat.”

She immediately set to detaching all clasps and tags from my skin. She grabbed a damp towel and wiped gingerly around my shaft to take the gel off. She took all the attachments and placed them on some clean towels and took them out of the room. She was humming a cheerful “la-dee-da” song as she did so. 

She walked in with the sushi. I glanced at my arms and then at her with an inquiring look. 

She pretended not to notice as she placed the bag of food on the dresser. 

I sighed. 

“Now, hold still,” she tutted as she began assembling the sushi along my chest, just below where I could see comfortably. She was still singing as she separated the chop sticks. 

“Now, let’s see… I’ll start with this one.” 

She grabbed one roll and very carefully placed at the top of the pool of still warm precum, just at the far edge, closest to my sternum. 

She placed in her mouth. “Mmmm. This tastes like… desire.”

            She grabbed another one, slid it around and gave some to me.


            I dutifully opened my mouth. I nodded. I was trembling. 

            “Good.” She smiled. 

            She dipped in some that was closer to my cock. “Mmmm. This tastes like…. Desperation.”

            She placed another in my mouth. “Doesn’t’ it?”

            I was suddenly so hungry. “Mmm-hmmm.” 

            We did this until there was one left. 

            She dragged the last one across my shaft, and then squeezed a surprisingly large drop from the tip onto the bite. 

            She smiled, and slowly placed it on her tongue, looking at me as she closed her mouth, chewed, and swallowed. 

            “Oh yes. Perfect. That tastes like you’re ready.” She got up again and grabbed another towel and wiped me down.

            “I know there’s more but I don’t want you to be full for this next part.”

            She checked my restraints, tightening them to make sure my previous thrashing hadn’t given me an escape route. 

            She pulled out a hitachi, some lube, and a cock ring attachment. 

            “And see, you’re still quite hard. Must be all that good sushi.”

            She poured the lube over my cock and, with feather-light precision, made sure it was entirely coated. Then she placed the cock ring sheath onto the Hitachi and then slid the sheathe down, slowly… slowly… slowly… down my suddenly sensitive cock, right down to the base. 

            She smiled, staring between my legs, as she lay on the bed next to me.

            “You know,” she said, “I’d ask you if you’re ready, but, one, I don’t care, and, two, I think we both know the answer to that.”

            And with that, before I could respond, she turned the hitachi on and I was in heaven. 

            Where before the electrical pricks from the TENS unit had mixed pain and pleasure, this was just a jolt of pleasure directly to my penis. The tension that had been built into me from before the snack was there again. It was doubled. 

            Just as suddenly, she turned the volume down to a bare pulse. 

            I was needy. And thirsty. 

            I looked at her. “Excuse me, miss?” 

            She slowly drew her eyes to my face, as she slowly raised the volume back up on the dial.

            “Yes, dear?”

            “D-do y-you th-thi- [oh my god], do you think….. unffff.”

            She turned up a bit more.

            “Use your words, dear.” 

            I gasped. “Do you think you could s-sit on my face?”

            She smiled.

            “Why yes, dear. Yes I could.” 

            She turned the volume down as she positioned herself. 

            “Now remember to be gentle. I’ve had a rough couple of days before you arrived.”

            I smiled, looking up at her. “I think we both know that I can’t make that promise.”

            She laughed. “That’s fair. But at least try.” And as she lowered herself, engulfing me, she started cycling through all the buttons and switches on the hitachi. 

            Reader, I’d like to say that I lasted another hour… that she decided to torture and edge me until I cried. But she didn’t. 

            I mean, it felt like it lasted an hour. But realistically, it was probably more like five minutes. 

            The TENS unit, the still lingering tingles running through my shaft, the fact that I had been saving myself (so to speak) for two weeks, how in tune her ministrations were, her caresses, our nakedness, my sub space, the ropes digging into my wrists and ankles, the way the Hitachi’s attachment seemed built for my cock as it squeezed in and out, the vibrations, the rain outside, her taste on my thirsty tongue and mouth, her moans, my moans, my straining muscles, the uncertainty of whether she’d change the speeds of the vibrator, the uncertainty of whether she’d let me come or not, the slight creak of the bed…. All of it was conspiring to send me hurdling towards the point of no return. 

            I moved my head to speak, “I’m about to come.”

            “That’s nice, dear, keep licking.” She moaned in return. “Tell me when.”

            “Mmmm… NOW!” I said with my mouth still on her.

            With that she turned off the vibrator and removed it.

            There was a moment of absolute stillness as the shock rolled up my body to my brain. 

            And then, without any feeling of orgasm, my cock started ejaculating. 

            She giggled. Well, it was more of an evil laugh of triumph then a giggle, but I had lost all sense of reality for a moment. 

            She dismounted from my face and laid next to me, cradling me so I could watch as the final shoot landed on my stomach. My body was spent, but the feeling of desperation remained in my chest and in my soul. 

            We lingered like that, my head on her chest, her fingers caressing my trembling body, as we listened to the storm outside. 

            She kissed me hard, and then jumped up. 

            “OK, let’s finish dinner and we can figure out what we want to do with the rest of our night.”

            I lay there catching my breath marveling at how lucky I was, even as I plotted how I could yet get satisfaction when we switched later. 

            Then I laughed.


            “Well…. I was just thinking I might want to write this scene up.”


            “But there’s not really a climax.”

            As she wiped me down, she looked me dead in the eye.

            “Well, that’s perfect then.”


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